Friday, March 09, 2007

Another Temporary ID

Another Temporary ID

Still no movement on my contract. Waiting for my Master’s Degree to be authenticated. When it’s all finished I’m going to do a long post explaining this process, but don’t burn a bridge before it’s been crossed, if you know what I mean. Another busy week at work, got another temporary ID and also got my rent paid for four months. Two things out of the way. Out to dinner last night to the Thai at the Al Ain Palace Hotel. It was very, very good. I didn’t know it was the one that used to be at the Khalidya Palace Hotel. Phil and Enma were there. Enma had plenty of stories to tell about her visit to Miami to help her sister after she had surgery. Steve and Leah and their daughter Hannah were there, too. It was a joint celebration of Enma & Steve’s birthdays. Enma’s was several weeks back, but she was in the States then.
It’s Friday and I have barely moved all day. Slept till after 1, had coffee and cereal, watched Al Jazeera and then moved to the computer. After I finish this I’m going to pick up a book and read quietly for a while. I’ve gotten to where I love simple peace and quiet. I’m adding a few other sites to my list there on the side.,

These three are liberal political blogs. What a surprise, huh? Since I have personalized my Google and Yahoo home pages this is content I can have there and just click on it go. Easy.

This is a magazine that was started by Microsoft and so when I personalized my MSN homepage, I signed up to get several of their newsletters in my Hotmail. Microsoft has since sold it to the Washington Post, but I still get the newsletters. TP (Today’s Papers) is a great one. It gives a summary of the major news from the major newspapers. Today In Slate is good, too. It gives the major stories in that days’ Slate and you can just click on the links to read what you want. Below is one from today’s issue. It’s a good read.

The Four Unspeakable Truths About Iraq by Jacob Weisberg

The site below is cool because it combines and links reviews from thousands of sources for everything from music to DVDs to games. Just go to the site and click on what you want to see reviewed. It’s easy.

Well, enjoy the weekend. I plan to. Cheers.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome to March

What to say? And so it’s March. Working and getting by on the usual. My sister, Jennifer, and my niece, Morgan just celebrated birthdays this past week. Enma just returned from the States where she was visiting her sister, who is recovering from surgery, and so we’re going to celebrate hers and Steve’s birthdays this Thursday at the Thai restaurant at the Al Ain Palace Hotel.

At the link below you’ll find an excerpt from the new book Nemesis by Chalmers Johnson. A year before the attacks of Sept. 11, Chalmers Johnson warned that decades of secret U.S. operations overseas would bring disaster at home. Johnson talks about his book Nemesis, and what he calls the last days of the American republic. It’s worth a read.

This is an interesting piece explaining the different aspects of the insurgency in Iraq and the limited options the US has.

The Iraqi insurgency for Beginners by Kevin Berger

Here’s a cool piece from the host of Real Time on HBO, which I’ve never seen. He used to do Politically Incorrect for ABC.

Christians crusade against cancer vaccine by Bill Maher

And if you live in Abu Dhabi or the area and need any computer work done then go to this site.
Sam has an office by Zayed University and he'll fix any computer problems you have and won't charge you an arm and leg to do it.

Oh, and just so you know, running a school, it’s not as easy at it looks.
Cheers, Jack