Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 and The New Nazis

I was so hoping that 2009 was going to be a much better year than 2008. In December 2008 I flew to Langkawi, Malaysia and had one of the best vacations of my life. It’s a beautiful island. I did one night in Singapore on the return flight to Abu Dhabi and have it on my list to visit again. The pictures are posted online just use the link on the side that says Jack’s Pictures. Then on Boxing Day I bought a pup, Joe the Cocker Spaniel. He’s really a great dog, very well-behaved and sweet and friendly. A few pictures of him are posted there, too. He’s adjusting to life in a flat and the city pretty well. But, I have to write about something else and it’s a subject I’ve been to again and again and nobody listens.

The Israelis are the new Nazis. What a sad, shameful commentary on what should be a proud, noble country. Here’s what the Israelis want you to remember and never forget and they’re right about that. The world should never forget!!

This is from the Jewish Holocaust.

And this is from the Jewish Holocaust.

Now, here is what the Israeli Nazis want you to forget.

This is a war crime. This is a Lebanese child murdered by the Israeli military using weapons from the United States in their war against Hezbollah a few years ago.

This is another war crime. This is a Palestinian child in Gaza murdered by the Israeli military using weapons from the United States only this week.

This cannot continue. I watch CNN International and I am embarrassed as it spews the talking points of the new Nazis. The rockets that Hamas fire into Gaza are their major talking point. What a load of crap. How can anyone with half a brain believe anything they say? The Israelis never kill anyone but “suspected militants”. The “suspected militants” are freedom fighters trying to establish a country of their own. The Israeli Nazis are as criminal as the Bush regime and should be brought before the World Court on charges of war crimes. Both the Bush administration and the current Israeli government need to face justice.

Bush pushed the Palestinians to have elections even though everyone told him the outcome—Hamas would be elected. Then once the people voted in free and fair elections, the Bush junta along with Israel has tried to destroy them. Doesn’t the world even know or care that Hamas was started with help from the Mossad as a counter to Yassir Arafat? Just like the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan was started by the CIA to fight the Russians. What goes around comes around, huh?

The Israeli Nazis have held Gaza under siege for over a year with the land, air and sea crossings blockaded. The people there are dying of hunger and a lack of medical and basic supplies. I heard President-Elect Obama say that if someone were lobbing missiles at his house with his daughters in it he would do everything to stop them. What if they were laying siege to Chicago and food and medicine and basic supplies could not reach your family? What would you do then Mr. President-elect? Please give us change we can believe in and not the same old tired crap we’ve heard over and over again for countless years.

It’s time for the United States to be a real friend to Israel and help them save themselves. While the Israeli lobby holds many world politicians in the palm of their hand, the people of the world are sick of the senseless slaughter and war crimes of the new Israeli Nazis. Scream it, shout it, tell your elected officials that this must end.

Party to Murder by Chris Hedges

Leaders Lie, Civilians Die and Lessons of History are Ignored by Robert Fisk
Rules of Engagement from Baghdad to Gaza by David Bromwich

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