Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost in Reorganization

Right. Missing again for a month or more. Hardly surprising. I'm a faithful journal writer and haven't even written in my journal for the same amount of time--months. With the help of a colleague, I bought fresh, colorful paint and had the flat painted. I still don't have it back together yet, and it's been over a month. I finally have everything framed and ready to go back on the wall and will try to have that done tomorrow. Then I can finally open that bottle of 12-year old Jameson's I've been saving for the occasion. It really took a lot more out of me emotionally than I'd ever expected. I had been living in a museum dedicated to a relationship that had ended three years ago. This is something I should have done about three years ago. Anyway, it stirred up a lot of things and I lost the thread a little bit, but now I feel like the place is all mine and I've almost gotten it to what I want.

The main reason I'm posting now is to let you know there's a new photo album at Jack's pictures. Just click on the Jack's Pictures link in the list on the right. Lorin, Janine, Pat and I took a desert balloon ride last weekend and saw the sun come up over the desert mountains. It was great, as the pictures show. If I get all the wall art up tomorrow I'll take some pics of the re-done flat so everyone can see. Then I'll get back to posting and bitching politics and list some really good books I've read and music I've been listening to. Maybe next weekend. Wish me luck.

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