Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Day After

The Day After

For the first time in eight long, hideous, embarrassing, humiliating years spent as an American living abroad, I can say today that I feel good about my country. It’s a good feeling.

I was not an early supporter of Barack Obama. I was a Hillary supporter. There was one simple reason. I didn’t trust that Hillary would always do the right thing, but I was sure that at least she would restore competency to government and some degree of respect for the country. I don’t believe Barack can walk on water or that he has all the answers or even most of the answers. I just know that he’s not a stupid, arrogant criminal who will push the US further down the path of self-destruction.

We’re in trouble. America is in trouble. The world is in trouble. George W. Bush, his entire administration, the Republican Party, the neo-conservatives and most American churches are to blame. They are responsible for bringing America and the world to this crisis point. To right itself, America must bring these people to justice. America needs to convene a truth and reconciliation committee to cleanse itself of the shame and blight of the last eight years. Blame for the failure of September 11th, blame for the failure of the war in Afghanistan, blame for the shameless failure of government after Hurricane Katrina and blame for the illegal lies that led to the thousands of death in Iraq for no justifiable reason must be assigned to those responsible and they must be punished. THEY MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND PUNISHED!! Why are there no American leaders pushing for this judgment? What are they afraid of? Who do they think they are protecting? Why aren’t the people in the streets screaming and shouting for justice from the debacle of the last eight years? Are you afraid it will look bad on your resumes?

George W. Bush, his administration and the Republican Party have done more to destroy America than any of our enemies ever could. From the first days of the Bush presidency when a military submarine joyride for his supporters surfaced and sunk a boat killing several Japanese high school kids to the ignorance and arrogance that enabled the 9/11 attacks on America to the disaster of Katrina to the lies and incompetence of the Iraq war to the near-collapse of America’s economy and financial system, America has been ruled for the last eight years by a gang of white-collar criminals. Justice is necessary.

There is a fresh breeze today, a hope that America can right itself. I only hope it’s possible. That’s it’s not too late. Before America can move forward there must be perp walks. America needs to see George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and others marched in orange jumpsuits into a courtroom to face justice for the crimes they have committed. They have committed crimes. There’s no doubt and they need to be brought to justice. They should lose the wealth they’ve gathered from the wars and disasters they helped create and they should end out their years in a prison cell.

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Liz said...

Feels good, doesn't it? I, too, was a Hillary supporter and remain very, very disappointed she did not prevail. (I could go into the whole media bias thing but I won't...)

I had a book recommendation, too, given your remarks about 9/11. It's Deadly Decisions
and takes a detailed look at failures -- not only in government -- but also in business, science and our own lives. This author blames information failures on all kinds of tragedies, including 9/11 and the bankruptcy of Enron.

It's very interesting reading and I think you'll find it eye-opening.

Enjoy -- and God bless America.